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1428 White Bristle Synthetic Stencil

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Product Overview


  • Synthetic - The best white hog bristle imitation filament available. Excellent for precise control and placement of color. 
  • Snap and Spring -  Our firmest synthetic bristle with the added benefit of smooth filament that stays together during heavy brush strokes.
  • Brush Head - Round Shape Flat Top Very Tightly Packed Synthetic Bristle   
  • Short Cylindrical Handle - Beautiful Pearl White with Black tip 125mm or 5 inches 
  • Ferrule - Seamless Black Anodized  
  • Use - Pouncing, Texture Effects in Watercolor, Oil and Acrylic.   
  • Use - Dry brush, Pouncing  in Ceramic
  • Use - Fabric and Textile painting
  • Construction - Well made and solid
  • Overall Quality Rating - Best
  • Sizes - #2 through #14 Small to Medium - #16 through #23 Jumbo