Stencil Brushes

All Brushes in STENCIL shape 

  • 1310 White Bristle Stencil Dome Artist Brush

    1310 White Bristle Stencil Dome Artist Brush

    Natural Hair - Very firm hog bristle packed very tightly for best durability. Snap and Spring -  Our firmest bristle in a round-dome shaped brush head.    Short Handle Length - Total brush length 7" - 8" depends on size...

    Discounted Price: $2.10 - $14.40
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  • White Synthetic Bristle Stencil Artist Paint Brush Round

    1428 White Bristle Synthetic Stencil

      Synthetic - The best white hog bristle imitation filament available. Excellent for precise control and placement of color.  Snap and Spring -  Our firmest synthetic bristle with the added benefit of smooth filament...

    Discounted Price: $2.12 - $12.92
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  • 1320 Deluxe Stencil Brush Round

    1320 Deluxe Stencil Brush Round

    Brush Head - Round Shape Flat Top Very Tightly Packed White Hog Stiff Bristle Short Cylindrical Handle - Beautiful Silver Matte  125mm or 5 inches  Ferrule - Seamless Nickel Plated Brass - Best Quality Use - Pouncing, Texture Effects...

    Discounted Price: $1.29 - $8.58
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