Angular Brushes

Angular brushes are one of the paintbrushes artists choose to make precise strokes, curves, and lines with thick paints. They are widely used to create decorative floral paintings and other arts that require curved and blended strokes with varying lengths. These brushes are a popular rose petal-type and a valuable tool in creating wing shapes.

Similar to flat brushes, angular brushes are flat with angled hairs at the end that help cover lots of space. They have natural or synthetic short fibers, set with longer fibers at one end of the paintbrush head, making them ideal for reaching into hard-to-access areas like corners and the lower lash line. Like shaders, they can also be easily side-loaded and double-loaded.

Angular paint brushes are perfect for Water Color, Acrylic Painting, Oil, Face Painting, Body, Nail, Ceramic, Miniature, Model, and Craft Art Painting.

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Top-rated Angular Brushes

There is a vast sea of angular paint brushes spread out, which may make you dizzy to choose one. No fear! Find below the best-in-class angular brushes with exceptional quality and features.

Black Swirl Blended Synthetic Angle Brush

It’s a precision quality synthetic brush ergonomically designed for best edge and detail work control. 

They have excellent spring and good color holding capacity. The total brush length is around 7"-8.5" and varies depending on the size.

An excellent choice for Acrylic, Water Color, and Oil paintings!

Kolinsky Synthetic Sable Angle Brush

A premium quality angular brush with a blended diameter and synthetic fiber, Kolinsky Synthetic Sable Angle Brush performs sable. Its excellent control and maximum color holding capacity let you create gorgeous designs and beautiful art. The total brush length is around 7"-8.5" and varies with regard to size.

Kolinsky Synthetic Sable Angle Brush is best for most paint media like Watercolor, Acrylic, and Oil paintings with the best quality rating.

Green Sable Synthetics Angle Shader

The Green Sable Synthetics Angle Shader with short cylindrical wood handles of 5" and matte black round shape handles make it easy to hold while elevating your artwork. However, they are shorter than standard angular brush handles, similar to cosmetic brush handles.

With premium-quality blended diameter synthetic sable, it delivers excellent performance at a much lower cost. The Green Sable Synthetics Angle Shader has razor-sharp edges, and its color-holding capacity is excellent. It has a total brush length of around 5" depending on size and is durable.

This angle shader is great to use for Acrylic, Watercolor, Oils, and Tempura artworks.

Russian Pure Sable Angle Shader Brush

Master Brush Maker’s Russian Pure Sable Angle Shader Brush is another top-class angular brush that you should have in your brush collections. It has attractive silver, and blue tip handle lacquered, glued, and crimped to brush ferrules to avoid loose connections. 

It yields excellent control, precision and has good color-holding capacity. The brush is best for Acrylic nail tech, eye brushes, and lip brushes in terms of cosmetics. The Russian Pure Sable Angle Shader Brush is great for watercolors and can also be used with Acrylic and Oil paintings.

A quality Artist Paint Brush to make your art design beautifully!

Golden Taklon Synthetic Angle Brush

This metallic silver Angular brush lets you weave your colors perfectly and extraordinarily on the canvas. To avoid loose connections, the brush is lacquered, glued, and crimped to brush ferrules. The premium quality "Toray" filament holds the paint well and provides excellent control.

With the total brush length ranging around 7" to 8.5" based on size, this angular brush is ideal for painting Acrylic, Watercolor, Oils, and Tempura.

A best-buy to bring creativity in you!

And the list doesn’t end here! Rocket Gel Grip Angle Brush, Student Golden Synthetic Angle Brush, Grey Synthetic Angle Shader Brush, Kolinsky Pure Sable Angle Shader Brush, and Rocket Gel Grip Angle Brush are the other top angular brush collections you can find on our site.

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