Bright Brushes

  • 1155 Kolinsky Plus Sable Bright Brush

    Short Wood Handles 5"-6" - Attractive candy red handle with black imprint.   Kolinsky Plus Hair - Premium Kolinsky Sable mixed with blended diameter high quality synthetic filament gives both added durability and sharp points.    Snap...

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  • 1423 White Bristle Synthetic Bright

    1423 White Bristle Synthetic Bright

    Synthetic - The best white hog bristle imitation filament available. Excellent for precise control and placement of color.  Snap and Spring -  Our firmest synthetic bristle with the added benefit of smooth filament that stays...

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  • 3155 Russian Pure Sable Short Shader Brush

    3155 Russian Pure Sable Bright Brush

    Short Wood Handles 5"-6" - Attractive silver and blue tip handle lacquered, glued, crimped to brush ferrules for no loose connections.  Pure Sable Hair - Very good quality Russian Sable holds paint and performs well. Snap and Spring - ...

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  • Rocket Gel Grip Short Shader Brush

    9750 Rocket Gel Grip Bright Brush

    Easy Grip - Soft Gel grip to keep your fingers from tiring. Short Acrylic Handles 6" - helps keep from cracking and peeling like wood. Ergonomic - style great for seniors and children. Good strong construction. Multi Media - Good for most paint...

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